Why can silica sol be used for precision casting? 2011-12-12 12:15:59

Silica sol is used for precision casting. Because of its good bonding ability and filling performance, the shell made of high strength, high gloss, easy demoulding, is widely used in this field. According to the different requirements of the specific use, it is divided into surface silica sol and back silica sol, which consumes a lot.

Silica sol precision casting is what? 2011-12-12 12:15:59

Silica sol (colloidal silica), also known as silicic acid solution, is a colloidal dispersion of amorphous silica aggregate particles in water. Silica sol has a wide range of water loss temperature, which will not only destroy its bonding strength, but also make its three-dimensional structure more stable and produce higher bonding strength. It is a good inorganic binder for precision casting.

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