What is the effect of metal liquid temperature on disappearance mould casting?

In the production of disappearance mould casting, the quality of the metal liquid has an important impact on the quality of the casting, in which the temperature of the metal liquid will directly affect the processing accuracy and processing efficiency of the casting. So, the temperature of the metal liquid on the disappearance mould casting in the end what is the impact?

1, the temperature of the metal liquid. Compared with ordinary sand casting, in the use of disappearing mould process to produce casting parts, due to the foam mould to gasification, decomposition and dissolution and other substances, so in the pouring to increase the temperature, generally speaking will be higher than the sand casting temperature 30-50 ℃. But also to prevent the pouring temperature is too high and cause sticky sand and back spray phenomenon.

2, adjust the liquid iron. Despite the differences in the specific heat of different types of dry sand, the cooling rate of the casting is slower than that of sand casting in vanishing mould casting. For grey iron casting, there is less tendency to white mouth; for ductile iron casting, dry sand casting rigidity is not as good as the metal type (or sand-coated metal type); pouring white cast iron, the use of vanishing mould process to produce the surface of the casting is not as wear-resistant as the appearance of casting metal casting, so adjust the ferro-liquid and take corresponding measures.