New investment casting process method

In the development and improvement of the conventional process on the basis of the development of new process methods, further improve the quality of castings, improve production efficiency, expand the scope of application of investment casting. The casting of 1978, no. 6, reported the Beijing oil pump oil nozzle factory using cage combination of large mould group process. Cage type of each component, to ensure that the mould group enough rigidity, and also as a pouring system, steel utilisation rate increased by 10%: about. Hebei Institute of Technology, etc. By controlling the solidification time of castings, inner sprue, gate bar, so that M ≤ M ≤ M ≤ M bar, and make the solidification cut-off in the inner sprue and gate bar between the gate bar in the liquid metal pouring back to the furnace cylinder, to achieve the no-gate investment casting.