Detailed classification of silicone sol, do you know a few?

 Currently on the market a wide variety of silicone sol, many customers are also dazzled, in fact, silicone sol according to its particle size, PH and performance of the use can be divided into five categories, the following Kohan silicone sol for you to talk about the details of the classification of silicone sol:

First, according to the particle size

    Can be divided into large particle size silica sol, small particle size silica sol

    Second, according to the PH value range

    Can be divided into acidic silica gel, alkaline silica gel, neutral silica gel

    Third, according to the purity

    Can be divided into ordinary silica sol, high purity silica sol

    Fourth, according to the type of stable ions

The sun shall be divided into figs, and the sun shall be salted with salt, and the sun shall be salted with salt.

    Fifth, according to the performance of the use

    Can be divided into fast-drying silica sol, enhanced silica sol