Four advantages of silicone sol in all walks of life

 Colloidal silica is a colloidal system of amorphous silica nanoparticles dispersed in water, which is non-toxic and odourless. It is one of the few nanomaterials that can be industrially produced on a large scale for a wide range of uses. What are the reasons why this material is widely used by users? Here are a few aspects briefly introduced in the hope that more users will know the advantages of this material.

 First, silica sol is a non-toxic and odourless solution. Due to the small size of its colloidal particles, the particles are colourless and transparent and do not affect the original colour of the covered object. Importantly, the material also has good permeability and has the properties of a silica sol when mixed with other objects.


  Secondly, the silica sol process is simple. Yinfeng uses a simple silicon hydrolysis process when making this material. This process requires high process requirements and produces particles with good uniformity.


  Thirdly, silica sol has good performance because of good high temperature resistance and strong adhesion, so it is widely used in coating industry, casting industry and refractory bonding agent industry.


   Fourth, one of the big advantages of silica sol in the coating industry is that the material permeability is good, which can be well complemented with the coating. After the material is supplemented, the coating has stronger firmness and anti-aging function.