How to control the temperature of silicone sol fine casting? What are the methods?

 Stainless steel investment casting is a casting process with less or no cutting, which is an excellent technology in the foundry industry and its application is very wide. Stainless steel investment casting can effectively ensure that the melt in the transfer process of good mobility, stainless steel investment casting temperature selection should be effectively based on the transfer distance and the transfer process of cooling and flow factors to determine.


  Stainless steel investment casting ingot cracking tendency is relatively low, to a certain extent, effectively ensure that the alloy has a good ability to exhaust feeding, effectively create orders close to the conditions to improve the density, the casting temperature is generally higher, the diameter of 350 mm or more ingot temperature is usually 730 ~ 750 ° C. The temperature of the ingot is usually 730 ~ 750 ° C. The temperature of the casting process can be determined according to the transfer distance and the cooling and flow factors in the transfer process.


  Stainless steel precision casting to a certain extent to meet its mobility and not form bright crystals, the general temperature is 715 ~ 740 ℃. Stainless steel precision casting flat ingot hot cracking tendency is higher, stainless steel precision casting temperature is relatively low, generally in 680 ~ 735 ℃.


  Silicone solution investment casting is suitable for various types, various alloys casting, casting dimensional accuracy and surface quality produced by this technology is far higher than other casting methods, other casting methods are difficult to cast complex, not easy process and high temperature castings.

  Silicone sol investment casting belongs to investment casting, silicone sol investment casting is used as follows.


  1, first according to the shape of the parts to make moulds;.


  2. then use the mould to make the same wax model as the part; and


  3. put the wax model into the slurry made of silica sol and quartz sand, there will be a layer of slurry on the wax model, and then cured; 4.


  4. to remove the wax, the model is put into hot water, the wax will melt and float on the water leaving the shell behind; and


  5,Casting moulding.