China's foundry industry should adopt the development model of circular economy

-China's foundry industry should adopt the development model of circular economy

-Adopting the development model of circular economy, the establishment of resource-saving, environmentally friendly foundry industry is an important way to reduce energy consumption. Foundry production process of a variety of industrial furnaces and kilns is a major consumer of resources, but also the source of environmental pollution. Make full use of the casting production process in the kiln waste heat can reduce energy consumption. For example, a factory in Shandong will be introduced into the cupola waste heat to the drying room after the spray paint castings for drying, to achieve the effect of energy saving. Use of cupola waste heat to heat domestic water. According to the German saying: rubbish is a misplaced object. Waste reduction, reuse, recycling and remanufacturing in foundry production should be given due attention. It is reported that the cost of dumping a tonne of waste sand is higher than the cost of purchasing new sand, and the indicators of the regenerated sand are not inferior to the new sand. According to the current domestic price of new sand and regeneration sand cost comparison, regeneration cost is only one-third of the new sand. A large number of slag after granulation can be used as raw materials for the production of cement is not a good way to reduce pollutant emissions.

Over the past 20 years, the development of China's foundry industry mainly relies on cheap labour and domestic resources, energy, a large number of even over-investment to achieve. With the rapid development of China's economy, the scale of continuous expansion, domestic energy, resources, ecological environment on economic growth constraints are increasing day by day, the development of the foundry industry is also facing a series of major challenges. If also in accordance with the past rough, high growth, at the expense of resources and the environment at the expense of the road to go on is certainly not go. China has been six consecutive years in the casting production of large countries. However, from China's casting industry is facing increased energy constraints, increased pressure on environmental security, the international casting community to intensify competition and strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights situation, China's casting from a large country to become a strong country, to reduce energy consumption by 20% within five years, to reduce the emission of pollutants by 10%, the only way to rely on innovation and improve the quality of practitioners, by setting up a harmonious manufacturing concepts, and by the development of the circular economy is to have hope! The only way to have hope.