Process characteristics when pouring large castings

Large castings pouring location selection of casting quality, modelling methods, sand box size, cast iron plate, cast iron platform machining allowance has a great impact. So in the selected pouring location should be casting quality is the main, generally should pay attention to the following principles: for a large area of thin-walled part of the casting in the lower part of the casting, while trying to make the thin-walled standing or tilted pouring, so that is conducive to the filling of the metal. Due to the mud core is long, the rigidity is not enough, in the liquid metal under the action of buoyancy, the mud core produced as shown in the figure of the dotted line bending deformation. If it is changed to vertical pouring, it can avoid the above bad situation. It will be a large casting of large thin-walled part of the casting below, so that this part can be full of casting under high liquid metal pressure, to prevent underpouring. For some castings that need to make up shrinkage, the thicker part of the cross-section should be placed in the upper part or side of the casting.